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Wamp Server Crashes Installing X-Cart

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

When running a default installation, WAMP Server’s Apache crashes when installing X-Cart. The error happens immediately after setting up the MySQL tables and is caused by the curl extension in PHP.

To resolve, click on the WAMP Server icon in the task tray, go to Apache -> Version -> Get More. Download one of the 2.0 series Apache servers and install it.

Repeat the process for PHP; download one of the 5.0 series PHP versions and install it.

Switch WAMP Server to the new versions and run the install again – it should work with no problems.

A Simple Makefile for the Go Language

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Hey folks, it’s been awhile!

I’ve been playing with Google’s Go language, and will be sharing what I’ve learned over the coming weeks.

First off, which seems like the easier way to compile your source code? This:

6g fib.go
6l fib.6
mv 6.out fib

or this?


Personally, I prefer using a Makefile, even for a small project with one source file.

Without further adieu, a simple Makefile for the Go Language:

GC = 6g
LD = 6l
TARG = fib

O_FILES = fib.6

make clean
make $(TARG)

$(LD) -o $@ $(O_FILES)
@echo "Done. Executable is: $@"

$(O_FILES): %.6: %.go
$(GC) -c $<

rm -rf *.[$(OS)o] *.a [$(OS)].out _obj $(TARG) *.6