I had been running a short-lived site dedicated to the ins and outs of website scripting languages when I realized something about myself: I don’t know nearly as much as I once thought I did.

That revelation had several effects on me.  First, I began considering much more carefully everything I wrote.  Second, I learned a lot from being corrected by strangers with more experience than me.  Third, I became much sharper - the sudden scrutinization made me become a better programmer.

Finally, I came to understand no matter how good you (think) you are, you can always get better.

The purpose of this blog is to share the process of discovery that makes everyone better at what they do.  As an IT Professional, there really is no such thing as being at the top of your game because we all know the game constantly changes.  The push is to stay current, but you always have to stay knowledgable with everything that has already come to pass.  This could be why so many computer programmers constantly have scowls on their faces, even when collecting their $100k paycheques.

I invite you, dear reader, to suggest web and programming-related topics you may be interested in.  Correct me if something I write seems misinformed.  If we discuss and learn together, we will always get better at what we do.