Kudos to this article for acknowledging MUDs as the source of the term “SPAM”: A very unhappy birthday to spam, age 30

Now that spam has been with us for 30 memorable years, let’s take a moment to think of all the great things spam does for us:

  1. Enlarged lower members

  2. Enhanced “motivational” drive

  3. Pleased partners

  4. Cheap pharmaceuticals (like aspirin, of course)

  5. Lonely ladies with web cams

  6. University degrees for the masses

  7. Winning notifications for lotteries we didn’t even know we entered

  8. The opportunity to help the families of political victims retrieve their relative’s wealth, and share it with us

  9. Quality Rolex watches at amazing discounts

  10. Escape from debt

Not to mention it has become Nigeria’s chief export.