Given the oportunity, your boss and your client would add so many requirements to your project that your only hope to meet your deadline was to forsake your personal life and donate your evenings and weekends to your job.

This is uncool.  Unless you’re in Houstin trying to bring home Jim Lovell, no one’s life but yours hangs in the balance of your work.  I urge everyone to ask themselves how important, really, is their function.  We tend ot build up walls around us and believe that our problems are big deals, but the reality is that in ten years we won’t remember what we did at work today.

So next time you’re asked to add “one more feature” to your prototype, decide if it’s best for the project, and if it’s possible for you.  It can be hard to say no, but humans weren’t intended to sit in front of the computer programming meaningless crap all day.  Go out and enjoy your life!