Since this blog has been running for the past 8 months, I thought I might take a step back and consider the journey so far.  How did my original expectations stack up against reality?

The first thing that struck me was how quickly people found my work and how readily they picked it apart.  I thought I knew quite a lot about my field, but this experience has shown me that there are many very knowledgeable people out there, and with a breadth of experience I could not have imagined.  Consequentially, I feel I’ve become much sharper in my writing - I am less likely to jump to unsupported conclusions and I can hold my own much better.

The second revelation I had was that in order to have decent content prepared and ready to publish regularly, I have to write a lot.  With a full-time job, new child, and college studies on my hands, I haven’t had the opportunity to invest as much effort into this blog as it deserves.  Sometimes days (at one time, weeks) go by without a post.  That is a situation I plan to rectify in the lead-up to the one-year anniversary.

Third: revenue.  In the back of my mind I know that it is possible to monetize blogs, and I plan to do so with Always Getting Better - one day.  While originally I believed my goal was to rush to riches, I am aware of the reality of the time involved and my own commitment being barriers to that kind of success.  What I found was the pleasure of writing these articles, and of interacting with some of the very intelligent people I’ve met so far, has made the experience of maintaining this blog worth the effort.

So to all those who do read, whether they contact me or not, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for making this a fun ride so far.  I hope you find the content I add to be worth your time investment and I welcome your continued feedback!