We rented Baby Mama this weekend. I was happily surprised to find PC Guy in the role of the fertility doctor - perhaps a nod to Mac Guy’s film appearances. It warms my heart to see those references transitioning into the cultural lexicon. All this got me thinking about Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign; there have been some funny ads circulating around the net lately, including some Flash videos seemingly spreading between ad spots (how do they do that?).

The newest byte is that due to a shortage of trained developers, talented programmers can earn $125-$200 per hour by developing iPhone applications.  Unbelievable!  Where is my old iBook when I need it - buried under a stack of music CDs with an old version of OS X that doesn’t support the iPhone SDK.  Maybe the time is right to spring for a new laptop if there is a potential to earn $250,000 by creating a decent marketable application.  Gold rushes like this don’t act long - talk about striking when the iron is hot!