Wordpress is a great tool; I am looking forward to version 2.7 although I find myself hard-pressed to try to imagine how the WP team is going to improve upon the existing platform. One of my favourite functions of the Wordpress software is the ability to post-date entries. Often I will get a burst of inspiration and write four or five articles.  Rather than releasing them all at once I will set them to automatically publish into the future so there is a steady stream of content always appearing on my home page.

Most cream-of-the-crop blogs add 2-3 new entries daily. Always Get Better is certainly not in that category, however I try to post at least once per day. As I am busy with other work and blogs, I don’t necessarily have the time to write a decent article every day (although I do often make the time). Since the content here is not particularly topical, it doesn’t matter too much if it doesn’t go up hot off the press. In fact, by pre-publishing my articles I have a decent opportunity to go back and review what I’ve written which improves the overal quality of my writing.

Some blogs exclusively post content written long ago. I certainly don’t advocate going to that extreme though since a blog that is totally on autopilot risks losing some human connection. As long as the authors review, post and respond to comments in real time I suppose it wouldn’t matter in the long run.