Switching to a dual monitor setup has been the major paradigm shift in my productivity. The size of the second screen doesn’t matter a great deal to me because it only typically holds reference manuals and programming API documentation.

For my needs, the Lenovo W700ds Thinkpad sounds like the ideal solution. I practically drool at the thought of haivng almost 1TB storage space, 8GB ram and a Quad core processor. The really interesting feature of this laptop is the 10” second screen that pulls out of the side. That’s right - a dual screen laptop.

There is a price to pay for all that goodness: the thing is a brick, weighing in at 11lbs. Compare that to a much larger item like a guitar, which typically weighs 8-12lbs. The design is ugly - the second screen slides out from the side of the machine and could seriously use some Apple-esque style sensibilities.