I’m starting to get enthused about Windows 7. Not so excited that I would stand in a line overnight to be the first to own a copy, mind, but I may actually be putting a PC back in the running for my next computer. One thing I am not so thrilled about is the six different versions to choose between.

Come on, guys. Mac has it right - one version of the OS for desktop use, another for server configurations. Do you really need a separate version for:

  1. Netbooks (essentially, a stripped-down driver-free version that can fit on solid state flash drives)

  2. Home “basic” Version (for emerging markets where piracy is a problem - do people seriously pay for these crippled versions when they can steal the full thing for nothing?)

  3. Home Premium (by all accounts nothing is “premium” about this version, it’s just the standard consumer-level version)

  4. Professional (meaning what, exactly?)

  5. Enterprise (for offices - the difference between this any professional has to do with site licensing)

  6. Ultimate (includes all the above)

I charge that the “Ultimate” version should be the “Only” version. Microsoft should quit playing games and obfuscating its software licenses - just sell the product; don’t make customers research all of the possible variations on features and functionality.